I almost felt as if I was sinning. Almost. I’d really prefer not to have anything to do with Donald Trump.

But this board game, that came out in 1989, was just too great of a gem to not take a look at… especially as the primaries are just gearing up.

Julie and I have a new friend that we enjoy hanging out with. Not only is Flask fun to spend time with, she also makes a fabulous pineapple/lime sorbet! And to up her cool points even more, she brought this crazy game for us to try.

Mostly you just have to be a real asshat (AKA Trumpish) to win this game. Don’t we look like 3 poster children of assholiosity?






“It’s not whether you win or lose, but whether you win!”

There was a rerelease of this game in 2004… but, thanks to Flask, we got to play the very original! I have since washed the Trump germs off my hands and am now craving a wholesome game of Dominos or Cribbage.

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